Monday, 23 June 2014

Lera Chenchevaya International Travel Safety

Lera Chenchevaya understands the dangers inherent to traveling internationally. Lera Chenchevaya would encourage everyone to take some basic safety precautions.

    Make copies of the front and back of all your documents. Email them to yourself, have an extra copy on you, and send a copy to your embassy.
    Stop by the embassy of your country when you arrive, Say hi and introduce yourself along with letting them know your plans while in the country. If you have a travel Itinerary give them a copy so they know how to find and get in contact with you in case of emergency.
    Lera Chenchevaya suggests that you buy a prepaid cell phone that can be thrown away of necessary. This will allow you to make calls locally as well has contacting your embassy in case of emergency. Do not use your smartphone unless it is unavoidable.
    Carry a money belt and put all your valuable money, credit cards and identification card inside along with a copy of your passport. Keep you regular passport, a small amount of local currency and a single, low limit credit card available for use.
    Keep an extra wallet on you with expired id cards and a small amount of local money along with about $5 US Dollars. Dress like a local and understand local customs. Pay attention to the political situation before you leave. Make sure that it is safe to go to your destination.
Lera Chenchevaya  knows that by following these and your embassies basic recommendations can help keep you safe at you destination of choice.

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